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BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer


Amex Blue Cash $28k
Chase FU $11.2k
BOA Cash Rewards $20k
Comenity BJ's Perks Plus M/C $10k
Cap1 QS $750 (AU), BOA Auto
March. 2020 TU 781, EX 775, EQ 776
INQ 1/6, 1/12, 2/24.......TU-0, EX-2 EQ-2
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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

Congratulations on your approval!
October 2020: Experian 687 Equifax 683 Transunion 698

Cards I Have:
Cap One QS: $600
Cap One QS1: $2,600
Discover It: $2,900
Cap One Walmart: $600
AMEX BCE: $1,000
Amazon Prime Store Card: $2,000
Overstock Store Card: $1,550

Wishlist Cards:
Citi Double Cash
Paypal Mastercard
Discover Cash Back
Cap One Savor

Gardening until January 2021

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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

With BoA the mailers are a prequal if the APR % is solid instead of a range. Ironically if you use the online system without the mailer code it is just a listing of product they think you will like.


Congratulations on getting an awesome BT card.

TU:758 06/19/20 Bank of America--EX: 776 06/10/20 Experian--EQ:810 09/25/18 Citi--Gardening since 07/02/20
Bank of America (Better Balance Rewards M, Cash Rewards WM, Cash Rewards VS), Blispay V, Capital One (Quicksilver VSC, Walmart WMC), Chase(AARP VSC, Amazon Prime VSC, Freedom VSC, Slate VC), Citi Dividend MC, Citizens GreenSense MC, Discover It C, FedEx Employee Credit Association V, FNBO Ducks Unlimited VS, HSBC Cash Rewards WMC, PenFed Platinum Rewards VSC, Synchrony Bank(PayPal Credit, PayPal 2% Cashback M), UMB Bank Simply Rewards V[Milford Federal], US Bank (Altitude Go VSC, Cash+ VSC)
Wishlist: AOD Signature, Bellco Colorado Rewards, EBates, Marvel, Nusenda Platinum Cash Rewards, PenFed Pathfinder, Security Service Power Travel Rewards, Vantage West Connect Rewards, Wells Fargo Propel
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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

BofA or BanE
My back still hurts from them breaking it 😆
Lil comic humor at my expense!

Excellent Execution Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 🥳🎁 you’ve 🦇 Attack to a very Nice SL

Quick Rant:Bank of America is particular especially those mailers will get ya hopping hopes up and then The update circle ⭕️ to Whammy Decline... But you have showed us hope like the Rise of Skywalker !!!

I just got that Same Mailer thx for the DP as well I’m trying to stay put but it’s the holidays might have to give Bof A try ....

🦇 Attack maybe....

2018 Dec Starting Score: 700
Current Score: 778
Achieved Goal Score 2020: 800

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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

Yes! That’s exactly why I posted this with all the DP— I could not find a definitive answer on this forum, or a recent one. Then, I took the leap.

Now I just need to figure out the BoA CLI game and put the timing into my reminders app with all the rest. It’s been a lot of work to get here, but oh-so worth it!!

One DP I failed to mention is, I’ve gotten ALL those cards since January 2018. Now you can see why I don’t have a Chase card. 😆 That will require a little time in the garden.
Starting Score: 620
Current Score: 710
Goal Score: 780

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Re: BofA Approval from "Preselected" Mailer

@yorobbie wrote:

... I thought I'd add something that could be useful ...

Very useful indeed. Thank you.

And Congratulations! on a terrific BoA approval. 

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