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CLI Spree


CLI Spree

Hello all, just figured it was too awesome to not share my CLI spree starting late last night until this evening...

Macy's Old: $3200 New: $4700 Bal: $2600
Bloomy's Old: $2200 New: $3700 Bal: $2050
***Hit the love button online..requested for 3k each card, they countered $1500 each card online. it said a report would be obtained but I didn't get an alert yet..I've read from some that it's a SP. I submitted both one after another.***

Nordstrom: Old: $2500 New: $8000 Bal: $1650
***called credit services today for a PC to platinum or siggy...rep said system hasn't been updated and go into store and asked if system was eligible to do it..went in store, the gal aid rep on phone was weird because store would have to contact their dept..she called anyhow and said not updated yet..asked if I could get an increase...spoke to rep on phone. She asked what I wanted, I said 8k. She said I need to review. Came back a few secs later and said she was able to increase to 8K!!! My highest store limit card as of today😃***

Amazon: Old: $2000 New: $3500 Bal: 1588
***been reading on here that live chat was the way to go..gave it a go..asked for 3k, countered $1500 as well.***

Total CLI $10,200!!! I mainly was doing this to decrease my utilization and hopefully increase my score...will work on paying these down within 2-3 months.

Waiting another month or so to submit 3X on my AMEX BCE(currently at 1K) and 6 months for Citi Costco for CLI since I requested and was denied(currently at 4K)..they want to see account age at lease 6 months.

Really upset however Saks said they reported me 30 days past due yesterday..I registered for auto pay 3X..they saw it in the system and said it was error but didn't know who fault it was..said there was nothing they could do and I could dispute on my's a few mkntjs old which means a future increase will be difficult not to mention it's now reporting negatively😭

Fico: 676 showing on my Barclays log in.
Capital 1 creditwise: 605

My question is:
1. Do you think my score could increase and how much since I bought down my utilization and the new cards reporting..

2. Will it increase more once I get the 3X CLI from AMEX, increase on Citi, and pay down the CC balances and how much will it increase? Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance..really excited/surprised with all the increases especially Nordstrom giving me $5500!!!
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Re: CLI Spree

Congrats on all your new clisSmiley Happy.

Dispute the 30 day late if the error was with autopay and check out the rebuild section on hows the best way to combat the 30 day late if it wasnt your fault.

Getting the increases will help your overall utilization which can help your score but definitely bring down those balances and youll see a better jump. The 30 day late will hurt for awhile. Try and get your balances down to zero when possible so you can use your cards like it was a debit, buy what you can payoff at the end of the month. This way you are showing really responsible use of your credit and may even get better limits.

Again congrats best of luck going forward and hope you get get rid of the 30day lateSmiley Happy
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