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Cap 1 CLIs

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Cap 1 CLIs

I hadn't hit the luv button for a month or so on my Cap 1 QS and they gave me a whopping $100 CLI increase to make a total of $400


Hit the button on my QS1 and that was given a $3000 CLI to make a total of $4500! Smiley Very Happy


If the QS1 was not older than the QS I would combine them in a heartbeat but I'm hoping to get an upgrade offer before Nov when the AF comes due. 

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Re: Cap 1 CLIs

Looks like a whoop-ti-ta and a congrats for you. LOL


Nice CLI on the QS1

I believe you can still combine all to the QS and close out the QS1 out at 6 months.

The older card should still count for your credit age...

Course upgrading is always a good choice too. 




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Re: Cap 1 CLIs

sweet.. just finished making my fifth on time payment on my QS1. getting ready to graduate from credit steps !! excited. i made the 39 dollars in cashback within two months. so far worth it. i disputed one charge and they were really good investigating and gave me my funds back. currently at a CL of 400. started at 300 with 100 increase on the third month. currently have a negative balance.. things are lo0king great. just received EE on my BK7 that was suppose to come off Dec 2018. GW letter to my credit union CEO re: late payment was a success. currently at 640 across the board. i having a feeling i will make the 700 club pretty darn soon..


LIFE IS GREAT. never ever give up. discharged BK7 Jan of 2009. 

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