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Care Credit Approval

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Care Credit Approval

So...I posted previously of having been approved for a few cc's and CLI. I was suppose to be in the garden but there was one additional cc I wanted to help take care of some upcoming expense. I applied for a Care Credit card and was approved for $5,500. I was totally shocked, while filling out the application it asked the amount needed, I chose $5,500 I did not think I would get that amount at most I thought $2K. But lo and behold.


So now really...Im going to the garden.

Cards: Amex Delta $1000 SL| Care Credit $8000SL| Discover IT $1700SL| Capital One Quicksilver $4500| Capital One Platinum $3500SL| Barclays Apple Rewards $1500| JCPenny $5000SL| Buckle $250SL| Citi Double Cash $2000SL|Walmart $700SL|Amex Hilton Honors $1000SL|Discover AU $11,000SL|Amex Magnet AU 5000SL

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Re: Care Credit Approval

Nice! Congrats on your CareCredit approval! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Care Credit Approval

Congratulations on your approval!

August 2019 Current Scores: Experian-660
Goal for 2019: Scores of 675 all across the board.
Gardening until End of 2019

Cap One (PCed to Quicksilver 7/20/18) $500
C1 Quicksilver One $1.6K
DiscoverIt Chrome $1.5K
Walmart Store Card $500
Ollo Rewards Card $800
Cards I Want: Amazon Store Card, Paypal 2%, CareCredit, Capital One Savor

Total Utilization: 38%
No baddies
Inquiries to Date- 2

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