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Chase Freedom Auto CLI

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Chase Freedom Auto CLI

i've had my chase freedom for roughly 10 months. it was my first major credit card. have not received a CLI yet.


last month, my CSP received an auto CLI.


This month, my freedom finally received its CLI. looking forward to my freedom unlimited getting one next month!!


it looks like chase auto cli's do happen.

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

Congrast.. You hit the lotttery with chase.  CLI on two cards, not only one.  One is rare, two is near unheard of.  Something they like about you.  

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

Congrats! on the Chase auto-luv.

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

Congrats !!

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

maybe its the way i pay? i normally strive to get $0 reported for every card except for one.


amex gave me a 3x cli.


discover throws me a bone here and there. i always get the 2 day review from them.


meanwhile, my wf platinum finally unsecured, and after trying to request for a CLI on the website, they gave me 200. i cancelled it. i may call later to see if the reps would offer me more.

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

I've gotten some Chase auto luv before too! congrats!

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