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Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

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Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Just wanted to share data points about my recent CLI with Chase:


In August I foolishly apped for CSP with 720+ FAKO (and several negative student loans reporting) thinking the score couldn't be that  different. Of course it was off by at least 40 points so I was just barely approved at $5000. In less than a month I had my negatives removed leaving only a four year old 30-day late they wouldn't remove no matter how many times I submitted my payment receipt. I got my FICO scores up to around 740-760.

In Nov I apped for the Freedom due to 5/24 rule. I wasn't ready for it, but I had accepted a new DCU card and didn't want to get left out of maximizing my UR points for two years. After approving me for the Freedom, Chase auto-bumped my CSP to $6000.

I really like the CSP, but just one trip drives up my UTIL so much. I needed the limit to be at least 10K, but wasn't sure if I could get there taking a HP after hearing other people's stories. The consensus seemed to be to wait until the one year mark to make the most of my HP and establish a relationship with Chase.

I will have a new car loan reporting soon and I figured that will cause a score dip for awhile and keep me from getting a CLI in September so I decided I would just try for it. I sent a secure message requesting a CLI. I requested 20K and to help ensure it I included my husband's income as they allow. (I typically don't.) I received the 7-10 day message which made me nervous. June 6th received a HP on EX and EQ. (Chase always double pulls me.) Today I checked my account and my new limit is $20,000!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Congrats.. 14k CLI on the CSP is certainly worth the double HP.  Congrats

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Congrats! on the new CSP increase!!!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

I enjoyed reading about your credit adventure with Chase! Thanks for sharing! I commend you on the AWESOME Increase from Chase. Congratulations and Enjoy!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations!!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Just one year ago I began paying attention to my credit. Last June I had one subprime card with an $1800 limit and probably 70%+ utilization. Now I have 6 cards with two limits at 20K. This month I was able to buy a brand new luxury car at a fair price and an excellent rate.

I appreciate all of the wisdom here!
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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Nice!! I just got my first signature card CSP.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Congratulations! And you're right, there is a lot of wisdom here. I've certainly benefitted from that as well. The CSP is a great card for those of us who travel a lot. I've also got both United Explorer and Club cards, as well as Jet Blue and Southwest. But I like to use my CSP card, especially for dining out. Double points at all restaurants and even Starbucks is great! Based on your experience, I might have to ask for a CLI soon...

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Congrats on the increase! What info does Chase specifically ask for when asking for a CLI? 

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Info asked for via Secure Message:

Thank you for contacting Chase to increase the credit
limit on your Sapphire Preferred account.

We'll be happy to process your request for a credit line
increase. In order to do so, please reply to this email
with the following information:

- Gross Annual Income (Alimony, child support, and
separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do
not wish it to be a basis for repayment of this loan. Your
gross annual income can include money received from
several sources. Some examples of income are: salaries,
investments, social security benefits, or retirement. If
you are 21 or older and regularly use income from others
to pay your bills, you can include that too.)

- Total credit line you are requesting (Current credit
line plus amount of requested increase.)
- Housing status of Own, Rent or Other
- Monthly housing payment
- By submitting a request for a credit line increase, you
authorize us to obtain a copy of your credit report,
credit reporting history and any other information in
order to determine if the request can be approved.
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