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Chase Slate approval in Offers


Chase Slate approval in Offers

Refinancing student loans again since the rates have been hiked and got a HP this morning.  Logged into my Chase account and the banner for a Slate card was up top and I had the green check mark back on the Offers page.  Sure enough, Slate and Freedom Unlimited just want my annual income to accept the 15.49% offers (now lowest of the range for both).  Since I already had a fresh HP today and it has only been 88 days since I took them up on CSP the same way, I decided I could always use a 0% offer from Slate if it got approved, and worst case I would have burned 2 HPs that don't actually seem to be making any change in my scores these days anyway to get a good data point.


Starting line was a lot lower at $3500 than I had hoped, but not horrible since I did just get approved for a $12k CSP from them just under 3 months ago.  The clock is ticking on the 60-day 0% fee BT, once it gets closer I'll move over some other CLs to make it worthwhile.  I'm not going to bother with a recon.  I actually had a card opened around 2001 that became a Slate later that I merged into my Freedom (much lower APR) in April, so I have technically had a Slate within the past year.  I got the TU alert for the HP but I am expecting an EX pull also, since that has been my experience with Chase.  Data points: 8/24 (SPG and new PenFed not reporting yet), 733 EX/TU (739 EQ but I don't ever recall them pulling EQ for anything), 25% util (that's a big $ number to be honest), INQ were 13 EX, 10 TU and 8 EQ.  AAoA 8.9 years, oldest 23 years.


OK I am seriously done now and officially gardening for the next year.  Oddly, when I got the TU alert from Credit Karma, I was shocked to see that my EQ FAKO score jumped 68 points from 632 (yes they have typically been 100 points lower than my FICO 08s) last week to my first-ever 700 Vantage score.  Not sure what happened there, since the changes between the two haven't been much different.


In summary, I have shown twice since New Years that getting a green check mark in the Offers page of your Chase account bypasses 5/24 and that they were absolute guarantees for me.  Neither time did I have anything showing on the prequalify page.

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Re: Chase Slate approval in Offers

Thats awesome K!. Enjoy your new card(s). Im sure the garden will love to have you, it will be a true " Boston Garden" LOL Smiley Happy
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Re: Chase Slate approval in Offers

what do you mean by green check mark in the offers page?

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Re: Chase Slate approval in Offers

This looks pretty much the same on a desktop as in the app.  Here are some screenshots.  If you are still stuck with Chase's old layout (white screen with lots of text links), you'll never see this.  You get to the first menu by clicking the three lines in the upper left on the app or in the browser.


 photo IMG_2897_zpszpcqpdmy.png photo IMG_2898_zpsakdkbl04.png photo IMG_2899_zpsiitidkbq.png photo IMG_2900_zpszx39j1in.png

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Re: Chase Slate approval in Offers

Congrats on the approval!
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