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Citi Double Cash Approval

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Re: Citi Double Cash Approval

So after receiving the approval for the card I had to immediately leave town for a funeral so my new card was at home awaiting my return. I returned home on Monday to find that my card is a WEMC which seems to be kind of strange for such a low limit. I downloaded the MC concierge app to verify the validity of the WE status but the app didn't recognize the first 6 digits of my card as a WEMC. Yesterday I decided to actually call MC to see if they could actually verify the validity of the WE status and to my surprise they said that it is actually a WEMC in their system. Well that is pretty surprising. I'm excited to have my first ever WEMC although with such a low limit I don't know how many of the benefits I will actually be able to take advantage of.

Starting Score: 485 (CK TU)
Current Score: 698 (TU FICO); 685 (EX FICO) 687 (EQ FICO)
Goal Scores: 750 (TU FICO); 750 (EX FICO); 750 (EQ FICO)

Current Cards:
AMEX Gold: NPSL, AMEX BCE: 1000, BARCLAY APPLE: 2000, CITI DC: 2250, CHASE CSP: 7400, CAP1 SAVOR: 12000, CAP1 VENTURE: 10000, CAP1 QS: 6500, CAP1 QS1: 3300,
DISC IT: 1400, MERRICK: 2200, PAYPAL CREDIT: 3000,
US BANK CASH+: 5000, WALMART: 5000, TARGET MC: 4000, ANN TAYLOR: 6000, VS: 6000, EXPRESS: 5000, NY&CO: 4000, SMILE GEN: 1500
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