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Comenity CLIs

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Comenity CLIs

They use to come more often, but after 3 months since the last set I got $500 SP bumps for VS, JCrew, and Buckle.
Still not bad growth; JCrew has the most going from $250 initially about a year ago to over $14,000
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Re: Comenity CLIs

Having a tough time getting CLIs with them. I have 4 comenity cards that just had their 5th statement. I've asked for increases on 2 of them and they keep saying my history with them isn't long enough. I always PIF and use under 30% of the limit. I havent entered my social on the site as I don't want a HP. I'll try the love button again after statement 6.


Any helpful tips?

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Re: Comenity CLIs

My Comenity store card CLI’s have been utterly without rhyme or reason but my two Visas with them have settled into a pattern: six months for the first CLI, followed by $800 SP luv button increases every four months. I’ve never tried for a CLI through the RoboLady.


With my J. Crew and GameStop cards I’ve been given CLIs anywhere from $500 to $800 a pop and at intervals from as little as ten days to as much as ninety days apart. A fellow board member said that they received a letter from Comenity stating that the GameStop card caps at a $3000 limit and that’s where I’ve been stuck since February. The J. Crew card is indeed generous. I’ve gone from an SL of $750 to $5050 in a year.


I’ve always PIF every cycle and practiced less than 10% utilization with them, with the glorious exception of my Sportsman’s Guide Visa which was around 90% for the last six months until yesterday when I finally PIF’ed that sucker. Through it all they still gave me CLIs. Comenity gets a rap for their wild duality of behavior but with me they’ve always been Banner instead of Hulk.

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Re: Comenity CLIs

Congrats on CLI

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Re: Comenity CLIs

Congrats on your increases!!

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Re: Comenity CLIs

Im scared to request now that they've changed the language on the cli page. Basically stating they will hp if they want to.

My limits have went from

300 to 3k GS (stuck there)

800 to 4.95k Buckle

5k to 19.8k OS


I got these cards late 16 and i don't even use them. I just send them $1 every now and then to show usage. 

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$91,953 Amex SC
$58,351 Discover It
$50,046 BofA CR
$36,146 Amex PRG
$6,774 Cap1 QS
$963 Amex CM

$1,188,241 Yearly Spend
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Re: Comenity CLIs

From a letter i received, gamestop's credit card limit only goes up to $3000.   

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