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Credit post Chapter 13

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Re: Credit post Chapter 13

@bay- congrats on your approval!   Just an FYI - Barclays is a lifetime ban for most if not all that burns them through BK 7/13.  As suggested, take your time and let the discharge marinate a big longer - by the 1yr mark  after discharge if you haven't run up your inquiries you'll start get better limits and cards.  I say keep your inquiries low and softpull as many sites to gauge where you are.  Not to mention, the cards you were just approved for will grow with CLI every 6mos.  I was in your same shoes a year ago and can tell you the quality of cards I'm getting approved for are better after or near the 1yr discharge milestone. 

[3x] AU Amex Cards
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Re: Credit post Chapter 13

Congratulations on your Approvals!

Good luck on your rebuildSmiley Happy

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