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Discover It approval

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Discover It approval

Third time was a charm- after rebuilding to get just shy of 700 for FICO 8 across the three bureaus, I was approved for 5,500 with Disco.



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Re: Discover It approval

Nice one! Folks are probably anxious to learn more such as how many cards you already have, thin file etc. but i'll leave those questions up to them to ask you.


Welcome To The Discover Family and Congratulations Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover It approval

I'll give additional details. I fully expected some questions. I was on a break during my cost management MBA course when I app'd and just wanted to throw something out to the myFICO universe. More to come later!


Smiley Wink

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Re: Discover It approval

Fico 8 scores according to myFico: 

EQ 693

TU 673

EX 679


I have a QS that just bumped up from 19k to 22k CL. Reporting 0.

Have a Chase Freedom that's 5700 CL.

Chase UL at 1k CL.

Citi DC at 2600 CL.

Amazon Prime Store card at 4k CL.

Shane Co Store card at about 4k CL. 


I've had a few other cards in the rebuild that I've closed or consolidated along the way. I have some major derogs that will age off in the next year or two - including a foreclosure from where my ex-wife let it go after I quit claimed over to her. Things have been clear for a few years and the rebuild has ticked me up to the scores you see above.


Income just below 77k. I've worked for my employer for 9 years (it said to round to nearest whole year and this rounded up from 8.5). 

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Re: Discover It approval

Congratulations on the approval! Discover is awesome! Nice CL! You're SL is the same as mine! And this card will grow with you!!!!  Also, don't forget about Discover Deals! There's money to be saved there. 

"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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Re: Discover It approval

Congrats on the approval!! I just recently got in with Discover myself on the third try
State Farm Rewards (3,000) ~ Marvel MC (8,000) ~ PenFed Power Cash (10,000) ~ PenFed Promise (1,000) ~ PenFed OLOC (500) ~ Discover ($1,100) ~ Citi DC (2,200) ~ NFCU cashRewards (6,200) ~ NFCU Platinum (2,700) ~ NFCU CLOC (15,000) ~ Venture (10,300) ~ DCU Visa (5,000) ~ Chase Freedom (3,000) ~ Amex Hilton Honors (5,000) ~ Amex SPG (1,000) ~ Amex BCE (1,000) ~ Care Credit (15,000)
Current Scores (6/6/18): 697 Transunion, 659 Equifax, 674 Experian
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Re: Discover It approval

There are too many 3-5 ers here lolSmiley Wink Sorry OP, i just cant empathize with a 3rder. Im a 5vr so i save my sympathy, lol, for them Smiley Wink.

Jk, thats an awesome sl, if Possy says its so, it so...possible Smiley Happy. ENJOY and welcome to the Disco FamSmiley Happy
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