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Discover Odd Auto CLI

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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

Thats a strange CLI, but its still a win!! Congrats!!!!

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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

@Anonymous wrote:
I don't want to screenshot the entire message as I'm on my phone and can't blank out personal information, but the email reads:

Subject: Important Information About Your Account

"Our latest review of your account shows that it is not currently active. If your account remains inactive through June 6, 2019 we will need to close your account ending in XXXX.

But we don't want to see you go!

Perhaps your credit line is the reason you have not used your card. If so, we hope you are pleased to hear that we have increased your credit line."

You are also correct about that CLI increase in November. Insufficient experience with current credit line. The last CLI was in August. So that may be why it was denied.

Thanks for providing that information above.  That letter is solid proof that not using a Discover account for a length of time can stimulate a CLI.  Great information!


Yeah those "insufficient experience" CLI denial reasons simply mean that not enough time has elapsed since your last CLI.  It doesn't relate to spend, which you proved yourself by getting a CLI after enough time passed without spending anything.

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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

Congrats on the auto-CLI! Great info!

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TCL - Est. $410K
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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

Odd indeed, but a win nonetheless. Smiley Happy
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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

Congrats on the SLI. I can not break Discover for nothing. Every CLI requested is denied. Started with a $1,200 SL, now at $2000 after 1.5 years but it seems stuck there. Now it just sits on the "No Use / In Case of Emergency" drawer. 

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Re: Discover Odd Auto CLI

Congratulations on you CLI! Also, congrats to Discover for great customer service by warning you well in advance of a closure and for increasing you limit. I'm certain Discover realized based on your CR that your other CC were more generous.

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