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Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

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Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

Hi Everyone, 


SO a few weeks ago I posted about my success with Navy Federal CU!


What I failed to mention, (actually I forgot about it) was that simultaneously, I had applied for a Low-Rate Platinum with my local Credit union here.. (Wright-Patt). Well I applied the day before ~ 1/24/20... and got the whole " We can't make a determination now, your application requires further processing... The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west...blahblahblah) well I just chucked it off as a wasted HP, since I know this is a VERY conservative CU, and I almost had to sign over my Twin boys birthright's in order to get a $750 personal loan. Wright-Patt is a credit union account I always had on the side, while I was going through my divorce, in case things got too rocky with my (then) main bank (5/3) ,so the balance was never over a couple hundred dollars at any given time. 


Anywho , now onto the good stuff, so this past Monday I got to my mail, and in there is a Letter from Wright-Patt. Oh @AverageJoesCredit I know what your thinking Smiley Happy ... I almost threw it out...thinking WHATEVER ... but I opened it... but the letter was NOT a DECLINE, since I have my reports on Ice (see this Dad of twin teen boys has learned a lot from you fine folks), they just wanted me to confirm that I was me and so that they could finish my application. So of course it was 9:00 Monday night and nobody was there ( hey have to fit the gym in while the boys went to soccer practice) ... anywho.. I actually logged onto my Wright-Patt app on my phone... I looked and saw my regular account with them...but under the "Recent Applications for Loand and Credit" that was Highlighted in Yellow! ( Hmm ... never saw that before...course always expecting a Decline...never had the urge to look... oh and I had the Midigated Gull to ask for $10,000 on the app btw) Smiley Happy 


Anyway, go to the office on Tuesday, called the number on the letter, and sure as Sugar... the rep says let me check the status and so she actually transferred me to a very nice gentlman in Underwriting, who asked me some questions, and confirmed I was me. THen the next words out of his mouth we ' Congratulations Mr. Runitsty.. your conditionally approved for $25,000!!! I said are you (Explative) serious! THen I asked well what's the conditions? He said well we will need a copy of your DL and 2 recent paystubs as POI. He said you can e-mail them or you can take them to a branch. He said it'd probably be quicler if you went to a branch because our e-maild documents go into a que and sometimes take several days to work.... 


Thankfully theres a Wright-Patt branch 2 miles from my office... so still in disbeleif I printed my last 2 pay-stubs, got in the car, went to the banch, met with a nice gentleman, when I got there he pulled everyhing up on the screen (they use huge screens in their private offices, so you see what they see) he uploaded my documents right there... and was like Mr. Run, your all set, expect your new card in 7-10 business days! He gfave me all the Good terms and conditions and such in the envelope. Still in disbelief... I was like "That's it??" and he started laughing and was like uYeah, unless you had other questions. 


Guess what I got in the mail YESTERDAY!!!! Shiny new Low Rate Preferred Platinum VISA from Wright-Patt! SL $25,000.


I am really off to the Garden..... Look for me at the Starbucks by the Pumpkin patch guys! 



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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED


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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

Congratulations on your approval! 👍

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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED


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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

Wow! Nice! Congratulations!

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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

It was a long wait, and a lost memory, but in the end congrats on the approval!!

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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

Congrats on the approval and nice SL!!

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Re: Forgot I had applied... APPROVED

congrats on the approval and SL

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