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Get Chase Freedom auto cli

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Get Chase Freedom auto cli



I have currently these cards (I have  a pretty short credit history):

Amex EDP 4k (3/2016) , Chase Freedom 6k (3/2016), amazon store 6k (10/2015), gap store 6k (12/2015) (last statement report 4k), Cap1 platinum 1.4k (9/2015) , Merrick 1k (10/2015), Amex green NSPL (12/2015)


This statement I have 30% utill,  I have two big balance on  amex 1.8k/4k and chase 3.3k/6k , (the reason is that on Chase and Amex EDP I have the 0% APR until May 2017)

Next month I would like to lower the util at 20% because I am looking to get some other cards (citi aadavange or costco and venture).


I am using the Chase and the Amex green daily and on Chase usually I used the card for  4.5k and then I pay down to 2k/3k before the statement.


Today checking the Chase account I found a surprise: my credit line on the Freedom now is 10.5k from 6k  (I never asked for a CLI...) 


Now I am thinking to try a  Chase Sapphire Preferred but I know , thanks to this forum, that there is the rule 5/24....




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Re: Get Chase Freedom auto cli

Grats on the CLI Smiley Happy
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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: Get Chase Freedom auto cli

Awesome! Congrats! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Get Chase Freedom auto cli

Congrats! You have amassed a nice portfolio of cards. Congrats again!

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