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Great App Spree & CLI Results

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Great App Spree & CLI Results

Hello all!


DW and I closed on our house in December and so after over a year in the garden I decided to step out and do some apping. These all took place over the last four weeks.


First, I wanted to see if I could get a CLI on my NFCU CashRewards, I asked for the full $50k and after sending POI was countered with $45,000! I'm very pleased with that! I've been able to get some pretty decent CLI's since I opened the card in Feb 2014 with an inital CL of $25K.


Next, I went on to apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, got the 30 day message (email and automated line) and then it changed a couple days later to the 7-10 day message. I was concerned it was a denial, but I received an letter from the fraud department a few days later. I called them up, and after a text verification I was approved for $23,000 @ 21.24% (A little disappointed on the APR but these cards aren't meant to carry a balance anyways). I was 3/24 at the time of the app, with my most recent account being in August 2016.


I then decided to apply for a couple AMEX offers I was pre-approved for:

AMEX Platinum - Instant approval. (60,000 MR offer)

AMEX Gold Delta - Instant approval, 2K @ 16.99%. (30,000 offer)

I can confirm both apps were SP's as my CR's were on ice after the Chase app. 


I know it probably seems crazy that now I have $1k in annual fees and $10K to spend in 3 months, but meeting the minimum spend won't be an issue as I timed this out with purchasing our window coverings and furniture we've been saving for, and unfortunately a pretty large tax bill this year as the DW and I had our incomes increase and didn't change our withholdings. Hopefully with the nice sign up bonuses, we'll be able to take a nice trip later in the year.






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Re: Great App Spree & CLI Results

Congratulations on your new home and your new cards. Enjoy the 140,000 points from your SUBs.
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