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IHG Premier Approved. SL $23,000, 140k SUB!

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Re: IHG Premier Approved. SL $23,000, 140k SUB!

@JasonMath  sounds like you are going to have a fantastic and well priced vacation with this card and SUB :-) Congrats again!

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Re: IHG Premier Approved. SL $23,000, 140k SUB!

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: IHG Premier Approved. SL $23,000, 140k SUB!

@JasonMath wrote:

I just applied on Chase's website for the IHG Premier card.  Due to the fraud alert on my account, Chase immediately contacted me to confirm that my application was legitimate.  After confirming my identity, the employee on the Chase call center informed me that I was approved for the card, with a $23k credit limit!


I am ready to book 3.5 weeks of hotels for my vacations in May 2024 and June-July 2024, and will be able to hit the $3k minimum spend just from booking IHG properties, netting me around 80k in points from spend.  The 220k points from the SUB + spend will be able to net me 11 free nights at 20k/night.  Combined with the 4th night free on award bookings (which nets me up to 3 additional nights from 11 nights of award stays), I will get up to 14 free nights, enough for 2 weeks of free hotel stays!

Nice.  Congrats.  I've been thinking about this card too.  There is a 165k intro offer out there.  

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Re: IHG Premier Approved. SL $23,000, 140k SUB!

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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