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Laughable Disco CLI

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Laughable Disco CLI

Approved for a $100 Increase!!! Lmao. Woohoo!
Is this the smallest they give?
Don’t get me wrong... I am happy to get any CLI on any card, but this just made me laugh. I actually thought I misread it and it was supposed to be $1000.

Usually I am on a 60 day cycle and $700.
Today I get $100.

That being said they did just approved me for a second Card but still... I would have thought they would just not give one. I thought $500 was the min. Guess not.

I do hope in 60 days it is more than $100. :/

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Re: Laughable Disco CLI is low lol! I would def try to double dip. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Laughable Disco CLI

doh call the credit limit dept there and try or the double dip probably extra 900 waiting there for you

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Re: Laughable Disco CLI

It's better than a SHARP STICK IN THE EYE THO!!!  Smiley Wink

Smiley Tongue

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Re: Laughable Disco CLI

All of my cli have been $500
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Re: Laughable Disco CLI

What do I tell the credit department and how long do I have? I was thinking Maybe it has to do with them giving me the second Card??
FICO 09 TU= 787 (Aug) EQ= 774 (Aug) EX= 801 (Aug) Favorites: Citi DC, AMEX Gold and U.S. Bank Cash+
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