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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

So just a few minutes ago i was calling around to get some new tires for my car. And i got to thinking i dont want to spend any of my saving on new tires. So i got to thinking, should i put it on my discover or one of my other cards,but i didnt want to go over 30 percent on my card. so i remembered my sponsor at nfcu said give him a call if i needed anything. Well i called him aked him what options do i have one products from nfcu and he got to talking and talking. (long winded dude for sure) but its ok, he just thorough with his information.  Next thing he talking about me applying for credit cards, my heart started beating fast cause i wasnt going to apply for any other cards for a few months.

so he suggest the platium card. my heart started beating faster and i just said heck with it, all they can do is say no and ill go from there. 

OH MY GOD HE HIT THAT BUTTON!!!! and came back with  congrats mr r. you are approved for the platium credit card with 15.24 interest. and a  hold for it, hold for it,  15000 cl!!!!!!!!!! can u believe that!!!!!! 15000 Jesus . Oh yeah i know u want the dps u not going believe this.


tu 634 inq 10

exp 669 in 13          inquires car shopping

eq 645 inq 13 

3 year bk dismissed.  

aaoa 1yr 6 months

cc util 27 %

total debt % 20% 

I have gone from 6439 cl to 7887 after recent cli ollo card, to 22887 total credit limit. 

Im about to passout!!!!  And let me say this without any amount of hyperbole what so ever. my fico forum i got nothing but love for u all!! without this forum i would have never got this far.  So i say  THANK U VERY MUCH FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF MY HEART for all your help and post and congrats. 


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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

Congratulations! Holy cow those DPs, that CSA is looking out for you. I'm loving the Navy love-fest today!


Now, go get those tires!

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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

Congrats on that killer SL. Navy rocks!!
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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

Navy loves you! AMAZING SL!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

Congrats on the approval and awesome SL! 

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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

That's an awesome SL!  Congrats on the new NFCU Platinum card with a not too shabby APR! 

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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

Congrats on a great approval - it’s amazing what Navy will do with even average profiles. Gotta love it man, very happy for you Smiley Happy

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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU



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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

That's amazing, congrats on the approval with a huge SL! Really happy for you 😊

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Re: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! NFCU

NFCU is really generous lol. Congrats!!
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