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Penfed OMG!!!

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Re: Penfed OMG!!!

Awesome! I just got in with Penfed a month ago. Same $500 approval. I used my card a couple times, one statement cut (-.17 balance) and just requested a CLI last night and was approved for 2,500. Not my best CL but it's a lot better than $500. Good luck!
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Re: Penfed OMG!!!

Congrats! Sorry about the SL! But, there is some good advice on here about recons. Try it out! Hope it works for you!

"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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Re: Penfed OMG!!!

Congrats on getting in but yes $500 is too low. Call and recon.
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Re: Penfed OMG!!!

@fltireguy wrote:

@Bshaw14 wrote:
Trying for penfed for 3 years!!! Only approved for 500 🙄 Oh well I am in! Lowest credit card I have....

CALL them. ASK for a loan officer. Explain your disappointment in your SL. ASK for them to recon. IF that doesnt work, then fill out the survey that they will email you, and explain your disappointment about your SL in the survey. They WILL call you back, and you will probably get a better SL  - they are AWESOME

BAM! There it is! 😄

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