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Second Discover....

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Re: Second Discover....

Yes, and yes.

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Re: Second Discover....

@IodineNightSky wrote:
Isn’t there a disco rule that you have to have your first disco card for a year before getting another?

Also, is there an HP for the second card?

Yes to both, i did have the first Disco for almost 2 years.  they just werent having me getting another one until recently LOL  funny too, 2 months ago i got a $5000 CLI on the first one, but at that time (before i tried for the CLI) i had no preapprovals.  too weird i can give you 5k more, but no new cards, buddy LOL

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Re: Second Discover....

Congrats CamSmiley Happy

Disco be the ballSmiley Wink
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Re: Second Discover....

Sorry for bumping an old thread. 


Can you apply for a second card after 12 months/statements, or do you need to wait til month 13 when you get your cash back match check? 

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Re: Second Discover....

Congratulations on your approval!
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