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Shocked! CSP approved!

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Re: Shocked! CSP approved!

Nice!!! Congrats the CSP is a great card, it's made me wanna cancel my PRG at renewal
Wallet: Gold PRG/ Saphire Preffered 9k/ Amex SPG 4k / Amex Platinum/ Barclays US Air 14k/ Delta Gold 20k / Ink Bold/ Citi AA plat 10k

Drawer: US Bank Flexperks 12k/ Freedom 2k/ Citi dividend 2k/ Ink plus 6k
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Re: Shocked! CSP approved!

Congrats!! I'm so jealous, I want this card so bad!


I'm thinking of apping for CSP. What was your utilization for your apps before and after NFCU? I'm trying to adjust. And when did you app for the NFCU?


I'm just kind of worried because I apped for my BCE on oct 1 so that's a recent inquiry. My BCE hasn't reported yet... I hear it's a month after your first statement that it does. I might try to app before it reports so my average age is good, so I need to get my utilization in a good place. Congrats again!!

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Chase Freedom $4.5K (8/12) | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K (11/12) | Amex BCE $12K (10/12)

TU: 751 (10/1/12 - Amex), 747 (5/23/12 - | EQ: 718 (10/1/12 - myFICO)
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Re: Shocked! CSP approved!

Thank you! My utilization was at 69% and dropped down to 40%. It's still pretty high but I thought I'd just try again.  I apped for NFCU Oct. 4th and it reported a few days ago. As soon as it reported I re applied for the CSP card.  I almost fainted when I was approved! Amex for me is a lot tougher due to utilization and inquiries. 

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Re: Shocked! CSP approved!



BOA: 8.9k
CSP: 5k
Discover: 5k
Citi TY Preferd: 5k
Wally: 5k
JCP: 4.9k
citiForward: 4.7k
ChaseFreedom: 4.5k
DFS: 2k
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