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Target Mastercard Auto CLI

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Target Mastercard Auto CLI

I didn't see this coming. Got a letter in the mail today stating my new CL is now $10,500. Previous CL was $6800.

Card is hardly used. For all of 2018, I may have ran a total of $300 thru it.

A little history, because I know some of you will want to know. Card started out as a PLCC with a $500 limit back in 2015. Less than 6 months later it was converted to a MC with a CL of around $2k I think. Eventually getting up to $6800. No effort on my part was done to make this card grow. FICO 08 score across the big three currently range from 760 to 800.
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Re: Target Mastercard Auto CLI

Nice increase, all I got in the mail today was bills Smiley Wink

"Total revolving credit $286,000 Current UTIL >1%"
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Re: Target Mastercard Auto CLI


3B profile optimization in progress...
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Re: Target Mastercard Auto CLI

Congratulations on your auto CLI!

FICO 8 (Feb 2018):EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545
FICO 8 (Sept 2022):EX- 706, TU- 685, EQ- 684
What's in my wallet:

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Re: Target Mastercard Auto CLI

Congrats on auto luv CLI !!!!


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