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Thanks Discover

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Thanks Discover

First post, so please bear with me. Off the top I want to say thank you to all in this forum. A little background, my wife and I had to declare bankruptcy due to some unfortunate circumstances. We were discharged mid October 2017. Same month we were both approved for Capital One Platinum cards, at the famous $300 starting credit line. Both used quite heavy, making several payments a week. Tried once a month and declined every time for a credit line increase. Getting a little discouraged, but seeing small increases in score increases, kept us focused on the long term goal. Trying not to run to Fingerhut or Credit One to speed things along, I stood my ground for the slow and steady.


Fast forward to today, we both received an email that Discover ScoreCard had been updated. Nice little jump in my mine, a larger increase in her score. My wife then went to the preapproval page and was offered a Discover It or Discover It Chrome. With our business we opted for the Chrome with a 2% cash back on fuel and dining, with the 1% on everything else. Approved for $1400. I could hardly believe it. 


Again, I just wanted to say thank you to all the good reads in the past and looking forward to much more. I do have a question for the anyone with some insight. Should we keep grinding away with Capital One Platinum, and then hope to covert to a QuickSilver at the 6 month mark? Or should we put it aside and run with the rewards of Discover? 

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Re: Thanks Discover

And one more question for now. According to everything I’ve read here, to try and increase the credit line with Discover, I should ask for a credit line increase once every three months or so? 

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