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US Bank Cash+

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Re: US Bank Cash+

Congrats Op. Love US Bank.

(And it is once per customer on the bonus $25)
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Re: US Bank Cash+

@princeofla wrote:

@zipperhead wrote:

Hey, good for you. I enjoy my interactions with usbank. Be sure to utilize the 5 percent category, rewards happen quickly. And don't redeem anything under a hundred bucks. They send an extra 25 dollar visa gift  card if you wait to 100 to redeem. Enjoy! Oh, and cli every 6 months, sp. 


The sporting goods  category works great at REI. Best!

Thanks, I thought that the $25 bonus was once per accountholder as their website says, "$25 Cash+ Bonus the first time you redeem $100 or more in a single redemption. Limit one per account." Thanks for the cli info, I'll be sure to request one in 6 months.

It is just once.   Back in the days of horse and buggy, you could get that offer multiple times.


And congrats on approval!   I've been very happy so far with my Cash+, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  

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Re: US Bank Cash+


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