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Verizon CLI

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Re: Verizon CLI

@blindambition wrote:

Congrats on the CLI!!! Did you submit request online, or by phone? Many Synch cards stop at $10k when online. That's a nice DP for community!

Smiley Happy

Thanks! I submitted it online and got an instant decision.

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Re: Verizon CLI

@mrcraft wrote:

Congratulations on your CLI!!


Very helpful information.  I'm going to ask for $12,000 tomorrow and see how it goes.  At $7,500 now.  Smiley Happy


Update:  I received an increase to $12,000.  Made the request online.

@mrcraft I followed you again this time like I did 3-months ago. Was @ $10K and I just got this on my request:


poke the bear.JPG


Thanks for leading the way @mrcraft ! I could definitely get into doing this every 3 months Smiley LOL

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Re: Verizon CLI

On top of the CLI, Synchrony just sent me a promo for 0% APR through 12/31/21:



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