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chase instant approval but...UPDATE

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chase instant approval but...UPDATE

Applied for Marriott signature and instant approved on the interwebs, but I call for limit I get a 2 week decision message...what gives?

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Re: chase instant approval but..

MrShush wrote:
Apllied for Marriott signature and instant approved on the interwebs, but I call for limit I get a 2 week decision message... what gives?

If you currently have a Chase account, log in and it should appear right below your other account.  That's how it happened with me.

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Re: chase instant approval but..

The time needed seems to vary a bit with Chase. When I applied for my United card, I got my CL via the automated system about 24 hours after my instant approval. My Ritz CL took a week to be available after another instant approval. I'd suggest checking once a day until the message changes. The 2 week response is standard until your CL is available. I got the same thing until it changed over.
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Re: chase instant approval but..

I just applied for a Sapphire Preferred and got the "needs further review" screen. I called the automated line to check application status about 30 minutes later and found out I was approved and the message gave me credit limit as well. I pressed "0" and spoke with someone who confirmed approval and limit. 

Try calling the automated line at 800-436-7927, follow prompts for new application. 


Good luck!

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Re: chase instant approval but..

Hey MrShush!

I've read on another thread that Chase does the recommendation for approval and cl to co-branded partner then ultimately partner approves limit.  Thus the delay in CL.  I don't know if this is true but food for thought.  I read this about both Ritz and Marriott.  Wish I could confirm.  Smiley Happy

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Re: chase instant approval but..

i would call the back door number......i appd for a chase sapphire preferred and was given the under review message, i called and was initially denied because of a $27 medical collection i didnt know about that i paid. Got approved after explaining.

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Re: chase instant approval but..

Thanks for the info all!


I've checked my accounts with Chase and no sign of anything new and I called earlier and same message. If it is indeed true that there is lag for whatever reason with the co-branded offerings, that makes me feel a little better. I really only applied for the bonus offer--up to 7 free nights after 1K spend in 90 days.


I do currently have 3 Chase cards: Freedom Sig., Slate, and JP Morgan Select.

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Re: chase instant approval but..

Don't worry! It'll come soon enough Smiley Happy when I applied for CS it took 5 whole (long) days for me to receive an approval notice! No baddies or negs on my report, but they did pull experian which had 2 recent inqs and 4 total in 2 years. Also had a Freedom for a little less than a year w/ $7000 CL, instant approval. FINALLY saw it pop up on my Chase account the morning of the 5th day with a CL of $10000!


Guess they do a lot of manual reviews for whatever reason! Oh wells!

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MRe: chase instant approval but..

Manual reviews make me sad.


I was thrilled to see the 'Congratulations, your application has been instantly approved!' message, but now I'm bummed.

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Re: MRe: chase instant approval but..

That is really weird. I'm curious, keep us posted!

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