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1-2-3-4 Comenity Is OUT The Door !!! They Closed My Total Rewards

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Re: 1-2-3-4 Comenity Is OUT The Door !!! They Closed My Total Rewards

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Didnt comenty get fined and spanked for this type of crud when they were World FInancial Capital Bank.....


They want defaulting profitable customers... and are cherrypicking them *again*




I'm not sure about World Financial but I think Comenity  should stop approving and issuing cards, reporting to the bureaus that an account is opened and then immediately close it.  To top it off they didn't notify me.  I would not have known if the alert from the monitoring service hadn't popped up.  They have the info to make a credit decision before they approve and issue a card.  This was not a SCT or Total Rewards pre-approved pop up.  I apped for the card and they pulled a report so if they didn't like something when they inquired that was the time to nix it. 


I am well aware that the card belongs to them and they can and obviously do anything they want with regard to it but it does appear to be a shoddy business practice. You would think Caesars would evaluate how their customers are being treated since it is tied into your players card with Caesars. Perhaps Caesers should be accountable in some way since they provide your information to Comenity to market the card to players.

I wrote a letter to both Casears Customer Service and my executive host - they thanked me for writing, but did nothing since Comenity is still pulling the same drap..

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Re: 1-2-3-4 Comenity Is OUT The Door !!! They Closed My Total Rewards -UPDATE

I have been talking to Comenity thru Secure Messages but they won't go off script, just keep passing it to the bureau and wait for the letter.  At the suggestion of another poster I decided to file with the CFPB to see if I can get the account removed (not the inquiry just the trade line).  I received the following message today although I am not sure what the FDIC has to do with this issue.  We will see what happens if anything.


We received your complaint and after our review we found that the best agency to help you with this issue is the FDIC. We have forwarded your complaint to them.

FDIC Consumer Response Center
1100 Walnut Street, Box #1
Kansas City, MO 64106


At least I got somehting out of this comedy of errors. I got to test out my new cross cut shredder with an area for credit cards and DVD's.  It works great.  I have have Total Rewards confetti (Torefetti)

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