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1FBUSA (1st Financial Bank USA) - Inactive account?

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1FBUSA (1st Financial Bank USA) - Inactive account?

Like many youngsters, my first credit card was a Visa from 1st Financial Bank USA. I've had the card since shortly after my 18th birthday (I'm 24 now). During college, my balances on all my accounts were consistently high, but since graduation I've paid off all of my cc debt and have enjoyed the benefits of high FICO scores and tempting cc offers.


I haven't used my 1FBUSA Visa for almost a year. I don't like to use it; the fee to pay the account via phone or Internet is high, and because I live abroad, mailing a payment is not a practical option. And because of my high scores, I'm qualifying for much better deals from other companies - so I just keep the 1FBUSA Visa to preserve my credit history.


Here's my concern: if I continue to not use the account, 1FBUSA might just close it. I've had that happen to other accounts. This is my oldest account, however, and it's one of my higher credit limits, so I'm concerned that losing it might negatively impact my scores.


Any experiences with this company? How long can I go without using the account without running the risk of losing it?  

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Re: 1FBUSA (1st Financial Bank USA) - Inactive account?

I personally dont know about 1FBUSA. Considering the present economic conditions, it is recommended at least use the card once a month for buyin a cup of coffee or a soda and make the payment as soon as the statment cuts. That way it keeps the account current. If you keep the account un-used for too long the chances of closing the account is very high. I have not used my pearl mastercard for a year and they closed it. I did not bother calling and asking them to re-open the card as I did not need the card.
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Re: 1FBUSA (1st Financial Bank USA) - Inactive account?

As far as making payments go, have you looked at other payment options such as bill pay through your bank? I know from personal experience with 1FBUSA that you won't get charged a fee to pay online unless you do it through their website. Also, 1FBUSA's standard online bill pay uses paper checks to negotiate payment with your bank. If you call them, they can send you a form to sign up for free ACH payments.
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Re: 1FBUSA (1st Financial Bank USA) - Inactive account?

This was my first card as well, back when I was 18.  I'm also 24 now. 


I basically buy one thing on it every few months.  I bought a pair of pants on it for Christmas.   I just use my Bank of America billpay to pay it off.  I was using their online payment method for awhile before I realized they charged $9.  What a rip off.  I only keep it open because no AF, and because it is my oldest card.

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