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700 + Collection = Decline?

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Re: 700 + Collection = Decline?

Can't help with your Midland problem, but $25 is a LOT to pay for a fax.  Ive used this service for years:
No monthly fee and I think it's $0.12 a page. 
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Re: 700 + Collection = Decline?

Thanks, but I am looking for high ($3k min, hopefully $8k) lines from Amazon Chase and Target Visa, these are the two cards I've been targetting since January.
My sister got $8k on Amazon Chase with $25k Salary and good score.  MIdland not only decided to report this to Efax after my DV they also made it a recent 120+Day Late.  I can only imagine what happens to my 708 when an Unpaid Collection and a recent 120+ Day late go bye bye.
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11/02/08 696 / 695/ 737- 5/4/08: 667 / 703 / 668 - 11/07 Low 500s All (Fako)
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Re: 700 + Collection = Decline?

Discover won't approve me a with no baddies in the last 2 years.

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Here we go again...
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