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99/500 BOA Secured Card

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99/500 BOA Secured Card

Has anyone had any success getting this card changed to an unsecured lately? DH opened this card 12/2008. He tried to get it unsecured in July, so well beyond the time frame needed. They pulled his Equifax report - no worse, possibly better than when he was approved for the BOA card - but denied unsecuring the card. What to do? Just wait and keep trying?

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Re: 99/500 BOA Secured Card

BofA changed there lending criteria after opening fully secured cards and these 99/500 secured cards like 2 years ago.  I had a fully secured, then graduated with a CLI to only be closed about 6 months later upon a review on there behalf.  They no longer excepted BK's and other Derog that before they let in if you had been good since for at least a year.

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Re: 99/500 BOA Secured Card

I opened my 99/500 around the same time as your husband, but I called last summer to find out when it graduated. I think I was told to call back at the end of 10 months, did so and was graduated with a $500 CLI. (I already had a Cap1 credit steps card that had increased to $3000.) I called and tried to get a CLI 6 months later, no go.


After getting an Alliant credit union card with a $2500 limit (in addition to the Cap1 $3000 limit card), I used the web form to request a CLI to $3000 a few months ago and it was granted. I assumed it was because they saw that I had more than 1 card around that limit.


You might try asking BoA what specifically is preventing them unsecuring it.

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