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A Quick Thanks


A Quick Thanks

Hey all,

      Mostly all I do is read and I rarely reply to posts. I found this website after finding out my FICO was very low due to trying to attempt a CLI with USAA($500) after two years of no lates, and still they refused. Any way score was 639 EQ and 645 TU and I have moved those scores in three months to 749 EQ and 774 TU. So now I am lining up NFCU app hopefully by friday and will let you know CL when I know. Thanks everybody for making me jealous enough with your CL's to have me do something to get my scores up(I'm a big procrastinator).Thank you for preparing me in the correct way for my financial future.

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Re: A Quick Thanks

Huge score increase in just three months! Great work, and good luck on the Navy app.
* Credit is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. * Who's the boss --you or your credit?
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