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A question for those with multiple credit cards.

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Re: A question for those with multiple credit cards.

biggestmexi wrote:
Why? I am trying to understand but what is the reasoning of having so many cards 5+? I do not want to sound rude, but i just do not understand. Is it a secret to have a bunch or is it really just to maximize the return?

There have been some very good responses to your post here, my reasons for having multiple cards are just a bit different.



As an older consumer, I'm nearing retirement.  I plan to retire from my current government job and perhaps do something on a part-time basis.  I start to receive Social Security in April, and perhaps a long term disability further down the line, and will have access to my 401(k) retirement funds, and so wanted to get my ducks in a row (but NOT with the Duck card!) and maximize my credit potential so that, as others have said, I'll have the best negotiating terms, the best possible utility, and limits that will provide for me IF I need them.  The trick for me is to NOT need them.  Hopefully, my partner and I can downsize some, while still maintaining a lifestyle that is comfortable for us and perhaps allow for travel. 

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Re: A question for those with multiple credit cards.

Like a lot of others in this thread, the primary reason I have many cards is to maximize my rewards. With my recent Barclay Arrival approval, I'm now getting at least 2% back on every purchase in some form (cash back, miles, etc.). I use my 3% cards for gas & groceries, and my 5% cards as those rotating categories apply.


To a lesser extent, I also wanted to have cards from a variety of banks, as well as at least one Visa, MC, Amex, & Discover.

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