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AMEX AA Reversal

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Re: AMEX AA Reversal

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Its a bad sign if you cant even carry a $1200 balance. I dont care what lender it is , you shouldnt have to use up to your whole limit and pif to use a credit card.

Average Joe, it's a whole new world out there.  I carried 90+ percent utilization across all my cards for many years (before I became enlightened and changed my ways), but I would not be able to get away with that in today's environment.  And like it or not, everybody's beloved Amex is taking the lead in attacking both high utilization on the one hand and unused high credit limits on the other hand.

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Re: AMEX AA Reversal

One of my first cards was a gold charge with amex, I was putting 4-6K a month from the day I got it, every time the statement cut the exact day my charging was suspended until I made full payment, I could either wait until due date and spending would be restored or pay immediately and spending would be restored. They would always call me the day of instantly too. It happened for about 6 months, my guess is they want to make sure youre trustworthy. I would just not carry balances with them for a few months.

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