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AMEX - Marriott

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AMEX - Marriott



Last year I signed up for the Marriott card from Amex, however there was no intro bonus so I cancelled it within 60 days.  Now when I go to apply (w/the 100k offer) it says that I had the card before and cannot get the sign up bonus.  Is that true since I didn't get a bonus before?


Thanks for any insight!


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Re: AMEX - Marriott

Yes, most certainly likely true.

Closing a card like that can also put you in pop up jail for other Amex cards as well.

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Re: AMEX - Marriott

While some other card issuers use rules that you cannot receive a signup bonus if you have received one for the card (and often similar products) in "the past XX months," with Amex they are once per lifetime and you are generally ineligible for a Welcome Offer on any card that you have ever had previously (there are some exceptions, but for most people here that will hold true), even if it was due to a product change, upgrade, or downgrade.


No Amex Marriott (or Starwood Preferred Guest prior to it) credit card has ever not had a welcome offer.  Were you specifically excluded from it previously during the application process, or just not meet the spending requirement?

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Re: AMEX - Marriott

That's a bummer, now the only way to get the Marriott bonus is with Chase. Or possibly the Bonvoy Biz, but it's much lower.

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