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AMEX Pay Over Time On Charge Cards

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Re: AMEX Pay Over Time On Charge Cards

You can use it, just not abuse it.  It's not supposed to turn your charge card into a revolver.  If you want to carry a balance every month or buy a jetski and take 6 months to pay for it, use something else.  If you need to have your car repaired or buy a new washer/dryer, and it may take an extra month, that should be fine.

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Re: AMEX Pay Over Time On Charge Cards

AmEx green was my first credit card ever and I was offered that option after aprox. less then 1 year since the account was opened. I called AmEx back then in 1998 or 1999 and asked them to tell me more. The rep admitted on the phone that AmEx do not like you to pay over time and that was not the happiest option. I gave up and never asked again.

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Re: AMEX Pay Over Time On Charge Cards

yeah i dont really want to use it or anything...just was curious what the deal was and if it was a knock on me they werent approving of me having it or what...

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Re: AMEX Pay Over Time On Charge Cards

shane82388 wrote:

Is this a difficult thing to qualify for? Ive had a Green AMEX since August and its been perfectly taken care of, i tried to see if i qualified for the pay over time thing and it said "not at this time".


Whats the story on this feature? Is it easier to just get a revolving account with them or is it easier to be approved for the "pay over time" feature for the charge cards?

I applied online for the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card, after it approved me, it stated I qualified for Pay Over Time right then and asked me if I wanted it.  It took effect after my second billing cycle.  Any Purchase over $100 is moved to the Pay Over Time line if I ever want to use it.

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