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AMEX Plat-Spend $100 at get $100 back

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Re: AMEX Plat-Spend $100 at get $100 back

@the_old_curmudgeon wrote:

@wasCB14 wrote:

Don't see it in my offers tab...yet. Could be taking them a while to roll out to all accounts, as is often the case.

Per DoC the offer isn't being extended to the co-branded variants, only the vanilla Platinum.


Oh well. Can't say I actually need any peripherals or accessories. And while I've been considering a new desktop tower, I'd likely save much more than $100 buying through Costco.

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Re: AMEX Plat-Spend $100 at get $100 back

@wasCB14  I've been dreaming of a soundbar so that I can enjoy my pandemic binges on full force!



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