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Re: AMEX Zync

@slg wrote:
Does Amex look down on inquiry's? I was dumb and regretfully applied for the hooters card a while ago and I wonder if they would deny just for that.

amex didnt seen to care when i apped for my gold card in april 

i had 4 inquires and 3 new accounts from less then 6 months  

My Cards
BBVA/Compass 2/12 $ 5000 ----- Chase Freedom 12/10 $3000 ---- Cabela's 1/12 $3000 -----US Bank FlexPerks Cash Rewards 6/11 $3000 ----Walmart Discover 10/11 $2814 ------ Discover More 11/11 $2500 ----- Amazon Store Card 2/11 $2100---- Amex Zync 4/11 ---- Citi Dividend Platinum Select 3/11 $1950 ---- BofA Cash Rewards 12/11 $1000
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Re: AMEX Zync

what are my realistic chances of getting in with amex with what ive got going on?


661 EQ Fico

664 TU True credit =/

774 Experian Fako


Ive got a 6 year old repo with a 0 balance, 1 baddie on EQ for $388 for unpaid med debt, 2 student loans with some lates - last one being 6 months ago.


Orchard 400.00

Cap1 500.00 (new account opened in april)

FP 450.00


all my credit cards are at 0 balance with perfect payment history and i pif every time.


what  really need is a card with a decent credit limit or something reputable that i can start growing with. after june i should have 3 inq on TU, 2 on EQ and 2 on experian. what are my chances of being approved with amex right now for a zync and what other cards should i try for? I want to app 1 more time and then i plan to garden until 2013 when my last baddie (repo) falls off.

BCE 12800, bofa travel rewards 8k, Barclays apple 6200, Macy's 2000, Macy's Amex 3200, merrick bank 300 , Victoria secret 1350, jcrew 1350
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Re: AMEX Zync

Hard to guess what they really look for but they just approved me so I'll think you have a good shot. I really thought my scores would kill it. I had an Amex back in 92 and saw the backdating thread. Thought to give it a shot and see if I could open a line with them to take advantage of that. The card was approved, now just have to see if I can get them to backdate it.


My EQ was 619 as of 6/7/11. My TU was 634 as of 6/7/11 also. Not sure what it is today as between then and now I paid off a third car loan.


Both reports show an active collection for an old Sprint account that comes and goes.

A paid collection on a gas bill from 5 years ago.

A paid state tax lien from 1.5 years ago. (came outta nowhere, bam. Seriously. $120...)


Have no lates in three years.


Home Depot w/ 3500CL, 0 bal

Cap1 w/ 750CL, 0 bal

Elan Visa w/ 6000CL, PIF every month

Two car loans.

Been at the same job for 14, same home for 8

Starting Score: 594 (Dec 10, 2010)
Score: 758 (March, 2013
Goal Score: 730 on all (by end of 2012)

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