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AMEX account closed - Recon denied

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Re: AMEX account closed - Recon denied

I agree that I should foster the current relationships that I have. In my recon phone call I even tried to explain that I filed Ch 13 which is a repayment plan, not one where I just walked away completely free, they still didn't deem me worthy. 

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Re: AMEX account closed - Recon denied

Unless the repayment plan resulted in AmEx getting 100% of what they were owed, you might have to wait a while before they will give you another chance.


Some inexplicably do get another chance either by design or by slipping through the cracks.  Lately on other forums you can read a lot of stories about AmEx forgiving those from long ago.  Could have something to do with their recent multi-million $ slap upside the head by the CFPB for, amongst other things, certain blacklisting issues.  Or maybe not.  

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