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AMEX can go to .....&(*&#$&#$@)

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Re: AMEX can go to .....&(*&#$&#$@)

I charge $12K a year easily at Wal-Mart on Am Ex.  If Am Ex has a problem with Wal-Mart (1) Why do they carry the WM logo on their site;  (2) why do they give you x2 points on groceries without warning you away from grocery stores (like WM), and (3) why haven't they closed my account down by now?  Ordinary folks are not the only ones who shop at W-M btw.  Wealthy customers don't mind bargains themselves.  Am Ex wants to make money and Wal-Mart pays Am Ex the same as any vendor that accepts their card does.  Do you think that W-M would do business with Am Ex if they thought Am Ex wants to **bleep** with their customers?


And how can anyone tell with certainty whether an account was closed because it was used at a Wal-Mart?  C'mon!  It might as well be because the cardholder drives a blue car or lives in a zip code with two sixes in it or has "J" for a middle initial or spends more than $50 on the third day of every month (unless the temperature is more than 95 degrees and the moon is full.)  If you don't like Am Ex fine.  This past March "Fortune" magazine rated Am Ex one of the twenty most admired companies in the world (present company notwithstanding.)  For everyone who complains about Am Ex there are probably a few million satisfied customers worldwide.  If they someday cut me off, I'll somehow get over it.  There's a heck of a lot more in life to do than to worry about or beat up on Am Ex.



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Re: AMEX can go to .....&(*&#$&#$@)


MrGoat wrote:

I have seen more than one story about AMEX closing accounts/lowering limits that had too much activity at Walmart.

For instance...

I use my at WM all the time....but I havent exactly had mine for a long time.

I hope they dont shut my AMEX down, but with 14 CC's between the wife and I Im not going to whine about it if they do.

Hahaha...I don't think Walmart appreciates this.  Perhaps, the $100 compliementary Walmart Gift Cards were Amex's response to Walmart voicing their displeasure?


It's well known that all CC companies track and place a score on the types of purchases their cardholders' make.  I've seen many cases where medical bills, attorney's fees, and charges for "marriage" counseling have lead to massive adverse action.  I'm sure these measures were based on other factors as well, but they do appear to be a "trigger" for AA, especially with Amex, who appears more vigilant regarding spending pattern than other CC companies.

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