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Address Question

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Address Question

Hey guys,


I'm not applying for credit in the forseeable future (Just going to garden/milk the rewards of my current cards) but I have a question about the application. Where it says address, if you rent an apartment but your main address is linked to your old home with your parents, should you put the address of your apartment to get the account approved or go ahead and use the old address to be safe? I ask this because I'll be on transient work for the next few years so I don't necessarily want to change my credit report to the new address but I would like the card (or rejection) shipped to my place.

Just curious if a change in the address field would make it automatically declined.

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Re: Address Question

you would probably have to put the address where you want your card. the application might take longer to go through for verification reasons and depending on the bank might have to verify more information or send in supporting documents verifying your new address such as a utility bill to prevent fraud

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Re: Address Question

I'm pretty sure you need to put whatever your most current address is on your credit report or you will be denied. If you want to put another address, I'd talk to a CSR first to make sure it won't cause you to get declined.

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