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Affect of Signature Card On Utilization

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Affect of Signature Card On Utilization

I have:


AMEX Premier Rewards Gold

AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles ($5k)

BofA 1-2-3 Cash Rewards Signature Visa ($2k)

BBRZ MC ($500 - I know, I know it's low)


I just did a PC to the BofA card and realized that I may have lost out on utilization (which I keep at <10%) because it's a signature card. My questions are:


How will the signature card affect my score since I'm not expecting it to report a credit limit?

Should I consider rounding out my wallet portfolio with another card that reports a balance and credit limit?


I have 2 inquiries on EX and EQ and 3 on TU (one of which falls off 3/13). Each CRA has an inquiry that is over 6 months old. My AMEX cards are not even a week old. Scores in the low 700's.




Amex Platinum - Amex BCP - Chase Freedom - NFCU Platinum -
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