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Amazon CLI Question


Amazon CLI Question

Quick question for y'all. 


I opened my Amazon account back in April with a $1400 CL. 

In July (1 month before the 4th statement) I got a small $200 auto-CLI from GE. 

I tried in August to get the 4 month CLI and was denied due to not enough experience at the current limit. 


So my question is this...

When is the right time to call the backdoor number to try for my next CLI? 

Can I do it now or should I wait till after the November statement comes? 



Thx for all the help as usual Smiley Happy

Walmart Discover ($5000) - Amazon ($5500) - Cap1 Cash Rewards ($2000) - Meijer ($5000) - Discover More ($1800) - Car Care One ($2100) - Amex Delta Skymiles ($2000) - Citi Thank You Preferred ($2000) - Chase Freedom ($500) - Sam's Club, GE ($1237?)
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Re: Amazon CLI Question

I would call now, I opened my account in June 2012 never received any increases, was denied last month, called again 3 days ago and spoke to an underwriter and went from 600 to 1200.  I currently had a $191 balance on my card and my fourth statement had not posted.

EQ MyFico: 679 4/19/2014
EX Fico: 687 4/10/2014
Discover Fico: 694 5/4/2014
Walmart Fico: 662 4/5/2014
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Re: Amazon CLI Question

I called the backdoor number the same month I opened my account. Initial CL was $1,000. I got it jumped to $2k after I spoke to a rep.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: Amazon CLI Question

My initial CL was $1400 and I received a auto CLI after 3 months to $1,600.  Called in after six months for a CLI but was denied by the automated system, so I spoke to an Analyst and was approved for a total of $2,000.  

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