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Amex BCE

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Re: Amex BCE

bs6054 wrote:

As you have the PenFed Platinum Rewards, what does the BCE give you?  Department Stores?  I can understand the BCP for the extra 3% on groceries, but PenFed gives you 5% on gas vs 2% and the same 3% on groceries, but BCE is capped and PenFed isn't.

PenFed is really my best card, I got the blue because it was the card I've always wanted. The looks, the extra credit limit, and no annual fee along with having the credit lines I wanted were the main reasons. I still don't get why the higher interest rate though with a FICO of 779...I mean what are they looking for 800+? The lettter they sent did mention a thing about too many inquiries, I think 11, and short revolving history...4 years. I'll call next year and talk the interest rate down though. The card is one to have for sure.

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