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Amex adaptation to ones Usage

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Re: Amex adaptation to ones Usage

I have no clue where that post asking about fr came from.  Smiley Tongue  I must have missed something farther up.


OP, I wouldn't sweat the first month's payment. Either push it in from your bank account this one time, or let a balance post. Almost every CCC works this way --the first statement has to generate online before you can use their website to pay. It's no biggie.


Your usage looks fine. We did have another member who used his card to pay rent and other stuff and promptly got an FR. Sometimes I think there's just a room full of chimps and a dartboard when it comes to those things.


However, I would advise laying off the phone calls to CS. Smiley Wink A little initial excitement is understandable, but IMO too many new AmEx cardholders here on these forums work themselves up to a near nervous breakdown thinking of all the strange things that might happen, and as a result, they go for a bit too much (or a lot too much in a few cases) handholding from AmEx. It's like anything else in life --let someone else catch their attention.


Just work on mirroring the presumed behavior of the classic, old-school American Express customers, who used their cards and paid them without lying in bed, freaking out about strange, unprovoked AA. And always carry a back-up card with you. Smiley Wink

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Re: Amex adaptation to ones Usage

I was the poster that brought up FR.


I think I was FR'd not for usage, but to confirm that I had the income I stated.  I am self-employed and make $200k + in my business.  I also added my wife as a AU when activating my card and she had a Collections with AMEX years i think those two things combined resulted in the FR.  The FR is no biggie if you did not lie, you simply fill out one form and they verify your income.


If you lied on your application or don't have necessary income to cover your usage, well that is anther story.

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Re: Amex adaptation to ones Usage

Brilliantly put and that makes sense. I was a previous bluecard member and I recall amex always had some whacked payment system but thats a closed chapter.


Thanks for the advice Guys.


Talk about unecessary stress lol

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Re: Amex adaptation to ones Usage

pmbrian wrote:

Yeah, that happened to me unitl the statement cut, I think if I recall right.  Oh yeah - it did, so I pushed a payment from my bank until the statement cut, then it was after that i could do the daily payment.

Mine won't let me make payments, and my first statement cut on 11/16? and I have an outstanding balance of $700 something right now...This is what I get when I try to make a payment:


Blue Cash
There is no balance due on this account at this time


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Re: Amex adaptation to ones Usage


amixzync wrote:

Yes I think I will push the payment through my bank. 


Anybody know any specifics on address or info I specifically need to input into the my "payee" fields on my bank account? Wondering if all the payment addresses are the same.


Thanks Fellows

My bank has a long list of creditors who are already known to them, so for most big companies including AMEX the only information I had to supply was the name and my account number.  I've only had to enter a physical address for small companies who are not setup to take electronic payments so my bank has to snail-mail them a paper check.


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