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Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?


Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?

For the past two weeks we have been receiving hang ups on our voice mail and VM messages from Discover card.  The card has a zero balance.  The messages that are left state " please call us at your earliest convenience regarding recent correspondence from us".  We have received no letters/nothing from them.  My wife called back to tell them to STOP CALLING US and they refused, telling her that I needed to call and tell them to stop.  I don't plan on doing that, so  hoping whatever they are selling they will give up.  Anyone else getting these calls?  I am ready to close this account out of sheer annoyance...


The calls are coming from 888-347-3745.

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?

I would just call and ask what it's for. You don't know what it could be about: fraud, security, positive/adverse changes to your acct, etc. Maybe the letter was lost in the mail. I doubt a leading financial lender would call you non-stop about a special offer.

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?

My wife asked if there was a security issue and was told that it was "nothing bad" and that it was in regard to a letter that was sent.  That we never received....

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... Anyone else?

In the past, I have received similar calls/situations with other cc's.


I pulled out my cc and called the number on the back of the card.   I explained to customer service I had no idea if it was really them calling me or if there was something else going on.


They ask for my personal information and verify it's me.  I have had this go both ways.   


**   they had no notes on the file that there was anyone trying to reach me.   Customer service transferred me to the fraud dept who took down all of the information.  A special flag/note was made on my account to be wary of any charges coming through OR they would offer to send me a new card.   I give them the number I am suppose to call back as well as the number that shows up on caller ID.   Every time, the fraud dept has been able to tell me if they made the call or not.


**  in two cases, there was actual fraud that I could not see.   On one card, 10k in charges had been put through and were "pending".   Amazing that it was my limit on the card.   At the time, I could not see pending charges online.   When I said I had not used the card at all, the fraud dept thanked me, said they would not give a final approval for the charges, closed out the account, and immediately sent me a new card.   One of the things that had tipped them off was that a relatively small charge had been put through with one of the companies.  It was approved the day before.   Then suddenly there is a 7k charge for the same company.   In this case, it was my cc protecting me and them from fraud.


In the other case, a ridiculously large charge, to like the tune of 45k, had been put through on my Amex card.   I have a documented history of calling Amex to give them a heads up when I have a large charge coming through.  I tell them to note the account with the name of the merchant, the date of the transaction, the city and state where the charge is originating from, and the dollar amount.   So they *know*  when I am doing something big.   I had not done that for this charge so they were calling me before they would issue an approval number.   Turned out to be fraud.


As frustrating as it is, please take the time pull out your Discover card and call the number on the back.   Be patient and polite with the person on the phone.  This can probably be cleared up in less than five minutes.


I agree with the other poster - Discover card is NOT going to keep calling you with a special offer.  It's so NOT their style!

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... Anyone else?

My wife called them back AGAIN and got the right person on the phone this time.


She said the guy she spoke to was nice and apologized and said they were calling to ask if we wanted the credit limit on the card to be increased by $1000.  Said we were "pre approved" and they would have to ask "financial questions" in order to grant the increase.  She declined and he said he'd remove us from future "offers".


My wife explained that  7 calls in 10 days was too much.  He agreed - apologized again - and also said that since my wife is on the account, whoever she called the first time SHOULD have talked to her.  Meanwhile, the mysterious letter they claimed to have sent still is MIA...


This is not the way you keep customers...!

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... Anyone else?

I'm glad that you have this problem solved. Smiley Tongue



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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?

the number kept ringing our house! i never get to answer the call, though. did not leave any message in my answering machine, too. 

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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?

i certainly agree with IOBA. this is so not their style. it's a financial account and these comapnies do not just call and ask you to give out information. anybody ever heard of caller ID spoofing?  this happens when someone is calling you with a fake number appearing on your Caller ID system. this hides the real number fo the caller and fool you into thinkng it's the company. this could be what's happening, though i can't tell for sure.


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Re: Annoying calls from Discover card... anyone else?


Google Voice + Call Blocking Capabilities = No Annoying Calls.

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