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Another AMEX question

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Another AMEX question

I have been the process of buying a house so I have been watching my reports like a hawk I have noticed on my EX that when AMEX does their reviews there are several different ways they show up in the soft INQ's it all starts when I got my FR that shows up as AMEX then there is AMEX serviced by CIC, AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, AMEX ACCOUNT REVIEW and AMERICAN EXPRESS 2. If any knows or has any ideas please share..

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Re: Another AMEX question

Soft inq. can't be seen by anyone else but you so it doesn't really matter honestly.


You could always opt out. However, if AMEX starts pulling hard inq's on you, I suggest you give the CSR a call right away.

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Re: Another AMEX question

I think amex serviced by cic is the credit monitoring service (if you use that)... I have all of those on my report, don't think there's anything odd about any of them. Some people have mentioned Amex followed by a couple letters however, I think you know what those would be...

I don't think it necessarily matters that much what they soft you under, were those all on there from one month though? There are codes that you can see on a full report that denote a reason code for the pull. Also amex is picky about members who use subprime lenders and they've stated so publically. Who you choose is obviously up to you but it's info to have. No idea which ones in paerticular but a couple have been mentioned. Correction: lenders they consider to be subprime based on their associated risk model. Smiley Wink

Personally I'd just go with the best deal and reputation. (assuming they're somewhat congruent)... also in regards to the post above I doubt they would do a hard pull since they can see everything they need. I've never seen it happen but if it did, well you're watching so you should be fine.

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