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Any Credit Union Travel Cards Like Venture X…?

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Any Credit Union Travel Cards Like Venture X…?

I really like the look of the Venture X card.  The piece that seems most appealing is the fact that it has roughly a $400 annual fee, but yet you still receive nearly $400 a year back in credit for travel purchases through Capital One's travel portal or even as travel statement credit ($300 + $100 for anniversary bonus).  The benefit you get for all this?  Tons of Priority Pass access Smiley Happy  I really dislike Capital One though and some of their apps/infrastructure.


I already have a few credit union credit cards that give 3% cash back on everything and 2% cash back on everything.  Are there any other credit unions offering something like the Venture X (an annual fee that you can get travel credit for, but still receive tons of Priority Pass benefits with free visits)?

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Re: Any Credit Union Travel Cards Like Venture X…?

There are a couple of cards issued by credit unions I'm aware of that offer Priority Pass membership but none that I'm aware of that includes a Select membership with unrestricted free access like a Venture X/CSR/AMEX Platinum card.  The closest I am aware of is the UNFCU Elite that bundles a Priority Pass Select membership that includes 5 free visits per year. The PenFed Pathfinder also includes a Priority Pass membership but I believe it doesn't bundle in any free visits. 


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