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Anyone survived the Blue Envelope?

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Anyone survived the Blue Envelope?

Well I tried to log into my Amazon account today, and got the blocked message. Immediately thought I had been blue enveloped, luckily they thought someone made a fraudulent purchase and had blocked me because of that, and I was soon unblocked after I verified they were me. Got me thinking though, I have seen numerous posts about people getting the envelope and cancelling all their Synch cards, or complying and having their accounts closed anyway, but has anyone complied and had their accounts left as is before the review?


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Re: Anyone survived the Blue Envelope?

Having kept an eye on this for the past year or so it's a good split between 1/3 of them keeping them when complying, 2/3 not complying/just closing their accounts.  Synch is low hanging fruit to get back at a later date if so needed.  Most of the blue's have plenty of other options by this point to use instead of going through the LN issue that brings up security/privacy issues.  It seems to vary a bit on who they choose to validate though... .no rhyme or reason on how many accounts, duration, TCL of accounts and so on.

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