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Apple FCU

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Apple FCU

Anyone on here belong to Apple FCU?  If so, any information about how they are re: credit products??  I found a few posts about them but not really much about if they will work with credit problems or not.  It seems they are another CU you can join through being a member of a particular association. 



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Re: Apple FCU

I found their list of eligible associations


Didn't have a chance to check the actual products & such...


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Re: Apple FCU

I applied for one of their CCs. It seemed easy and was working with someone directly from their Fairfax branch. The process wasn't all that fast and had applied and was accepted for a Discover and an Amex during that period. I then called Apple and withdrew my app. My experience is certainly limited but had no qualms with them at all. I'd go back one day.
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