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Approved for Discover More!!!

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Re: Approved for Discover More!!!

@Booner72 wrote:

It's so fun to call and cancel FP!  I tried last week but they offered me 45 bucks to keep it open.  Spent the 45 bucks on school clothes and then closed it.  Smiley Happy

Yip!  Last week, of the 4 cards I closed 2 were HSBC cards, and it felt absolutely great to do so.  The next day, I was approved too for a Discover card with a $1500 CL.  It shocked the heck out of me - 8 years ago, Discover was one of my highest CL cards when I declared bankruptcy.  I thought it would take a few more years befrore they let me back in.  The ironic thing is that one of the HSBC cards I still have is a Discover Network card.  It was the first card I got three years ago when I started rebuilding.  It started with a $2100 limit but got decreased to $1990 a couple of years ago. I was debating closing this one too, now that I have "a real Discover," but I am thinking I should wait to see what HSBC and Capital One are doing.  I have a couple of cards with Capital One too - And to be honest - I am fine keeping the Discover Card and just my Capital One MC and closing the Capital One Visa, which they refuse to increase and the HSBC Discover, just because I really do not like dealing with HSBC.  Other than watching what HSBC and Captital One will do - I guess keeping these two would be good for the age of my cards- all gotten in early 2008 esxcep the Discover Card.

*Note to self* Remember why and for how long you had to rebuild in the first place! One Day at a Time, One Day at a Time!
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Re: Approved for Discover More!!!

Congrats apr reduction may be possible after 6 months of activity

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Re: Approved for Discover More!!!

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: Approved for Discover More!!!

Me and my BFF were just approved for this card $1000cl!!!
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